WizGear Magnetic Car Mount Holder review

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder is a perfect choice if you are looking for mobile holder for your car. There are plenty of people already using this car mount holder.

We thoroughly analyzed and checked the product by our own professional review expert. You can read below what we learned by checking this product.

car mount holder

The name itself says it is a Universal car mount holder. It holds all kinds of mobile like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia devices.

Wizgear is a popular brand for manufacturing Car mount products. They provide high quality¬†durable car mounts for all types of mobiles. This Magnetic car mount has solid rubber back. That helps to hold the car mount strongly without any slip. Because of the rubber, you can’t able to feel the vibration.

The base of the mount should not move no matter how hard you drive your vehicle or how hard the vibration is. But you can adjust the mobile according to your visibility. You can turn your mobile to whatever degree without any hesitation. That is the advantage of this beautiful product.

We noted it has very soft surface on the magnetic side. So, It can hold your smartphone without any cracking or damage. It has power magnetic holder so, you can easily hold iPhone, Samsung and Microsoft devices.

The installation process of this car mount is really easy. Just push it on the Air vent and that’s it. You can easily remove the mount whenever. So that only people often buy this product.