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Are you a lover of movies? If yes, then this is the best place to be. We understand that movies the best companion that one can have. There are some people who can stay for a day without watching at least one movie.

This is one hobby for certain people that brings a whole relaxation to their mind and life at large. There are many lessons that you can learn when you watch a movie, these lessons can be of immense help to you as an individual or to other people who will wish to consult you on different issues affecting their lives.

There are different categories of movies that are produced on daily basis. Some of these movies are for general or family view which means that its content can be viewed by people of all ages while others are for the private view where the content is specifically meant for adults only.

With the Ninnu Kori Telugu movie, you can watch it anywhere, anytime with anyone since the content is not explicit. Just like the other Indian movies, this movie is all about a boy-girl love story that brings into the limelight what love matters is all about. This kind of movie is a thriller that has never been seen in the film industry and it will bring a total awakening into your entire life just in case your love for movies was disappointed by unstandardized movies.

A lot of love story movies have been in the recent past been written, acted and published for the public to watch but some of them have not been able to reach the required threshold as far as the current love stories are concerned. It is not just good enough to come up and write any love story and give it to the public to watch it, there are certain things that you should include in your script that will bring out a certain concept that will be captivating. As far as the film industry is concerned, this is a unique kind of love story that has a well arranged and well-managed plot that is aimed at bringing a new and fresh concept to the entire subject of the love affair.

Let us take a good look at the whole story as it manifests itself in this wonderful and mind catching movie. This movie begins with the newly wedded couple, Pallavi whose real name is Nivetha and Arun whose real name is Aadhi who are already planning their first anniversary celebrations.

The larger part of the story is set in the United States of America. The story is then shifted to Vizag where there is a love story between Pallavi and Uma who is a Ph.D. holder. At this point, you are given very many and enough scenes that will be able to show you in details the real relationship that occurred between the two lovebirds. The story continues and unveils what fate had in store for the two characters of this movie. With the creative change in scenes and the amazing music from the well-arranged and stage managed movie, I bet you will remain glued to your seat for the entire time that the movie will be rolling.

When the first half of this breezy romantic entertainer comes to a close, the film brings out its story just the same way in which all the other films do with the trappings of a quintessential love story although with this there is a treatment that is fresh. There are striking visuals and two welcoming songs, “Unnatundi Gunde” and “Adiga” which will make you desire and yearn to have more of it.

This movie clearly introduces the most common challenges which mostly affects the boy meets girl love affairs that a good number of individuals have gone through. Just as they think their love has been built on the bed of roses, the whole thing takes a new twist which most likely is leading their love for the rocks. Most of these relationships will get opposition from the unlikely source which happens to be the parents. This kind of situation may be hard and tempting, for one to make sure that everything ends well as planned earlier, they need to rethink again and again to why they had the relationship in the first place. In this film, we are able to see a situation where the love of these two people, Vanilla and Uma took a drastic twist that leaves everyone wondering how fate sometimes can be very unfair to the life of a human being.

If up to this point you are still not convinced about the wellness of this movie, here are the main reasons why you need to watch “Ninnu Kori” that will cause you to book your ticket and be seated even before the hours of the movie approaches.

How Nani takes the romance to a very different level;

Nani who is an actor in this film is mainly known for his lover boy image and this movie “Ninnu Kori” has indeed set our expectations high.

How did it go between Nani and Nivetha Thomas;

The love affair between these two lovebirds was immense in such a way that no one could think that a different twist of the wave could have happened in their life. What happened after is our main concern here.

The love triangle;

There are three people who are involved in this scene. The most important thing that has caught our fancy is how the love triangle promises to offer something unusual here.

The stunning visuals;

Shooting a film in the USA that is extensive during the spring is something that is nothing short of spectacular.

The songs that are extremely soul-stirring;

The whole of the album is majorly dominated by heartbreaking cords with the average romantic which will bring delight when you watch them on a big screen.

Anyone who will manage to watch Ninnu Kori will really miss a lot of fun and lessons. The movie is designed to do well in overseas and A centers which will bring an enormous success for the actor, Nani.

Audience Review:

Hemanth Kumar C R‏ @crhemanth
I better write my autobiography soon! The more I delay it, @NameisNani will end up telling all my real-life stories!!!! #NinnuKori is lovely

Vinay Gudapati‏ @gudapativinay
#NinnuKori Starts off on a excellent note in USA. Expecting around $170K from US Premiers ??

Rana Daggubati
Saw a beautiful film with some exceptional performers #NinnuKori @NameisNani @i_nivethathomas @AadhiOfficial

Sundeep Kishan‏
Hearing Fantastic things about #NinnuKori ..wishing @NameisNani #Aadi and @i_nivethathomas all the very best with their release 🙂

Sunny Kesh‏ @Sunnykesh
Where there is @NameisNani there is certainly entertainment. #NinnuKori stands out from all those commercial movies and sets a new benchmark

Lakshmi Manchu
#NinnuKori one of the most sensible loving movies I’ve seen in the recent [email protected], @AadhiOfficial #NivedaThomas BRILLIANT.

iDream Post‏ @iDreamPost
Climax is convincing with a small twist at the end.2nd half is gud compared to 1st overall @NameisNani bags yet another hit.!


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