How to Maintain a Healthy Lower Back & relieve lower back pain?

Striving to live with a healthy back can be difficult and challenging at times because there are many stresses that occur on the lower to mid back such as lifting weights if not done properly, carrying heavy items throughout the house, or twisting your back the wrong way when golfing with friends at a nearby course.

The objective here is to become aware of healthy daily practices you can use on a daily basis so you can start to live with a healthy lower & mid back.

Some of these practices that will be included are getting good exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep (7 hours), avoiding all toxic foods that are pro-inflammatory foods such as red meat, dairy products, & sugar filled foods.

As Americans, we all know that eating too much red meat can lead to disastrous things such as weight gain & producing inflammation in our body that can lead to lower back pain. According to a study that was done recently, they concluded that lower back injury is one of the top five most common injuries that can occur in the gym.

Now, the question is how to prevent this from happening. The answer can be performing safe self-guided fitness exercises in the gym. I would recommend for a beginner to not engage in any crossfit related weight training as that produce strain the back if the form is not done properly. However, if you have guidance such as a coach or crossfit trainer that can assist you in executing the lift safely and correctly then I would do so.

Another thing to keep in mind for having a healthy lower back is to stretch first in the morning. This is very important because all throughout the night your body is not moving so muscles can stiff & rigid. As you wake up, go outside and go for a quick easy walk to get the blood flowing through your body to loosen up the muscles.

After a quick 10 to 15 minute walk, make sure to stretch your lower back by performing certain exercises such as a plank position or laying on your back & stretching your hip flexors that can also stretch your lower back. I perform both of these exercises on a daily basis and they have proven to work like miracles for relieving lower back pain & strengthening the core.

At last, something I’ve been doing on a daily basis to make sure I do not have any lower back pain whatsoever is using inversion table therapy. Some of the best inversion table reviews can be found on google. For those who are not familiar with inversion table therapy, as you begin to use it, you invert yourself at a certain degree that helps safely decompress the spine and you stay for no longer than 20 seconds.

The reason I mention that is because if you invert yourself fully all the way and for more than 40 seconds, you can find yourself in trouble and it will do more harm. I’ve found many other successfully using inversion table therapy to relieve lower back pain and my hope is you find an inversion table that helps you as well.


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