How to pick a watch?

Watches are perfect accessories which not only look sophisticated and refined but also serve a purpose.

Unlike most pieces of jewelry, watches are accepted forms for most workplaces, events, and lifestyles. Some people will find that they are not allowed to wear bracelets, necklaces or big earrings but they are allowed watches.

The Style That Suits You

For some people that may be a bulky watch. For others, it will be something dainty and understated. For some, it will be a sports style watch whereas others prefer a more classic, jewelry style one. Think about your general style and what you tend to wear. If you are someone with a more refined sense of style then a bulky watch may overtake your look and overpower everything. However, if you are someone who dresses in a more casual or even fitness inspired manner, you may find that a dainty watch or a bracelet watch will appear to conflict with your fashion sense.

What Type of Watch do You want?

Not only do analog watches display the time differently to digital ones, but they also give a completely different image to your overall look. Analog watches tend to be more classic whereas digital ones usually have a more modern and technological style and appearance. If you do not want a watch that looks like a computer accessory, you may want to choose an analog watch.

What Material Do You Want?

Metal watches are perfect for those who do not wear much or any jewelry as it will be a simple addition to the overall look. However, if you are someone who prefers to mix up your jewelry and wear different metals all the time, a metal watch may conflict with that. For example, if you own a gold watch but decide you want to wear silver jewelry for the day, you may find that it clashes with what you are wearing. Instead, pick a watch made from a plastic, rubber or even a watch with a fabric strap. Instead of clashing with your jewelry, they are more likely to easily suit with whatever you choose to wear, especially if you opt for a neutral color.

How Does It Work?

Do you want a watch that needs to be mechanically wound up or one that is battery powered? Think about your price range with this as well as the wind-up watches tends to be pricier. They also tend to require a bit more attention as if you end the day and forget to wind your watch up, you will find that you have got the wrong time.

Does It Have Any Special Features?

Some watches are waterproof, others are scratch resistant and some act as fitness enhancements recording your heart rate, sleeping patterns and steps taken. If you simply want a time teller, then pick a watch that simply tells the time. If you have a bit more of an active lifestyle and tend to go swimming, then, of course, choose a waterproof watch to avoid water related damages. If you are a fitness enthusiast and like to constantly monitor your activity, then you may want to choose a watch which has features that keep track of what you do throughout the day.